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This Kisses top-inlet installation kit has all the adaption materials* needed for installing the top-inlet Kisses urinal all over the world. The Kisses urinal is designed according to European Fittings and Standards NEN-EN 80 (Aug. 2001) & NEN-EN 13407 (Feb. 1999).

*) Flush unit is NOT included. We do offer a Top-flush, but recommend to buy a flush locally so it will oblige to the local rules and regulations.

.set info

1. top-spud: rubber connector to top-flush external diameter 35mm internal diameter 18mm
2. geberit urinal siphon: horizontal outlet outer pipe diameter drain 50 mm KOMO-certified
3. rubber connector:
rubber transition ring for usage between the p-trap and sewerage GEBERIT PE CUFF 57/50mm

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