shipping & returns



Unless agreed otherwise and provided the goods ordered are in stock, Bathroom Mania BV seeks to send the goods within 5 working days of the formation of the contract. Average transport time is 3-10 working days.

If and when Bathroom Mania BV expects the delivery period to exceed twelve days, the purchaser will be advised of this.

If the ordered goods have still not been delivered six weeks after the formation of the contract, both parties have the right to dissolve the contract of sale, in which case Bathroom Mania BV will refund the payments made by the purchaser. In that case there is no obligation upon either party to pay compensation.


The purchaser has the right to dissolve the contract without giving reasons for 7 working days from the date of delivery of the purchased goods. To dissolve the contract of sale, the customer must send an email to that effect to Bathroom Mania BV.

In the event of dissolution of the contract, the purchaser must return the delivered goods to Bathroom Mania BV in the same condition and in the same packaging, using the same means of transport that Bathroom Mania BV used or, if that is not possible, by airmail. The purchaser has to pay the transport costs for returning the goods.

Bathroom Mania BV will refund the amount paid for returned goods (excluding transport costs) to the purchaser within one week after receipt of the goods, without making any charges for the refund.

If the purchaser refuses to accept the delivery, Bathroom Mania BV will charge the purchaser for all costs and any loss arising from this refusal, including the full transport costs. The costs and loss will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to the purchaser.

All goods need to be returned to:
Misi BV
Heliumstraat 230
2718 RS Zoetermeer
The Netherlands